Air Sealing and Insulation

Properly air sealing and insulating your home will not only help reduce your heating and cooling costs, but also make your home more comfortable.

Infrared Scan One of the most important jobs of a building enclosure is stopping air. Next to rain, air leaks through walls, roofs, and floors can have the most damaging effect on the durability of a home. Uncontrolled airflow through the shell not only carries moisture into framing cavities, causing mold and rot, but it can also account for a huge portion of a home's energy use and can cause indoor-air-quality issues.

Sealing A tight house is better than a leaky house, with a caveat - a tight house without a ventilation system is just as bad as a leaky house with no ventilation system. Energy efficiency requires a tight shell and good indoor-air quality requires fresh outdoor air. Ideally, the fresh air should come from a known source at a known rate not from random accidental leaks of unknown size and quantity. For this to happen, the house needs an adequate air barrier and a controlled ventilation path.

Where do the leaks come from?
The US Department of Energy lists how much air leakage can occur in an average American home from various locations: Ceiling, walls and floors - 31%; ducts - 15%; fireplace - 14%; plumbing penetrations - 13%; doors - 11%; windows - 10%; fans and vents - 4%; and electrical outlets - 2%.

How much can you typically save?
Sealing and insulating the "envelope" or "shell" of your home-its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and floors-is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort.

The amount of energy and money you will save depends on the amount of air leakage you have. If your home is newer and well-built, your savings could be around 5-20%. For older homes, the savings can be more than a 50% reduction of heating and cooling costs. The average energy savings we are able to achieve is around 30%. No matter the age of your home it's important to get an energy audit to determine the extent of your air leakage. (Source:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Improved comfort, especially during summer and winter
  • Reduced noise from outside
  • Less pollen, dust, and insects entering your home
  • Better humidity control

Efficiency Matters uses the latest technology and greenest materials to seal your home. We offer all kinds of insulation services from blown in loose fill to rigid foam. Call us today for a free consultation.


Attic insulation - We use cellulose insulation for 98% of all of our jobs. We strongly believe that cellulose insulation is better for you than fiberglass (and others) in many ways including indoor air quality, R-value per inch, sound proofing and overall air barrier properties. The cellulose insulation we use is manufactured locally out of Penrose, Colorado and is made up of 85% recycled materials. The R-value is 3.6 per inch when applied as loose fill in your attic.

Vacuum and air seal attic - We use a 15hp vacuum to temporarily or permanently remove the insulation in your attic so that we can approach the attic as if it were brand new. Taking out the insulation allows us to see all of the penetrations throughout your attic. We consider this approach best practice and you'll gain the most in energy savings and comfort from this method. We use 2-part Handi Foam to seal all penetrations and top plates including the top plates at the exterior wall.

Cleared attic
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Dense pack exterior walls - We can dense packing your exterior walls with cellulose insulation by using a method called drill and fill. We will place wood plugs when done.

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Insulating & Spray foam attic walls - Installing a spray foam to your attic walls will increase the R-value and add an air barrier. Air infiltrating your home can be one of the main causes of uncomfortable drafts and high energy bills for many homeowners.

Attic wall before
Attic wall after
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Insulating crawl space - Insulating and airsealing your crawl space rim and joist and foundation walls with 2-part spray foam.

Crawl space joist
Rim Joist 2
Crawl space walls
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Seal around furnace flue - Here we installed a metal collar around a furnace flue which will keep insulation 2" away from the fire source. We also sealed around the flue connection with fire rated caulk and/or spray foam.

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Greg Fox - Owner
Greg has been involved with residential construction and green building for the last 10 years.
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In his spare time he enjoys fishing, skiing, working on his own home, and in general, enjoying
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  • BPI Certified Building Analyst
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Mike Rodriguez - General Manager

Mike Rodriguez has more than 15 years’ experience in construction management and has spent the last 7 years specializing in green building. Mike began his “green” work at Energy Logic as an energy auditor and rater for new construction and existing homes. During his time with Energy Logic he saw a real need in the industry for a reliable and knowledgeable contractor to perform energy retrofits and green builds. He owned and operated an energy retrofit company and soon after partnered with Efficiency Matters where he is able to combine his passion for energy efficiency and general contracting while helping homeowners save money and improve overall health and comfort in their home.

Mike resides in Longmont with his wife, 2 children, and Great Dane. He enjoys snowboarding and travel but most weekends are busy watching his son’s football, baseball, and lacrosse games.

Certifications & Credentials:

  • Class D1 License and Supervisor Certificate through the City of Fort Collins
  • MOS School for Diesel Mechanic in the United States Marine Corp
  • Building Performance Institute Certified Building Analyst
  • Certified RESNET Energy Rater
  • Certified Foam Insulation Installer

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    At Efficiency Matters, your comfort and complete satisfaction is our top priority.
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    Jim and Karin Higgins of Fort Collins, CO
    In the fall Efficiency Matters did a major upgrade to the efficiency of our home. It turned out we had a home with many air leaks that were robbing us of needed heat in the winter and we were losing our cool in the summer. Efficiency Matters did a comprehensive analysis of the house and recommended several things that could be done to tighten the house and make our heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently. Recommendations were made considering the return on investment value. We have gone through a winter and half of a very hot summer and could not be more pleased. Our utility bills are roughly half what they used to be. Great job Efficiency Matters, I will recommend your services to anyone.

    Ryan and Katy Kirkpatrick of Wellington, CO
    "We would definitely recommend having an energy audit done by Efficiency Matters.
    Greg was knowledgeable, professional and honest. We really appreciated that he told us about many improvements that we could do ourselves (and exactly how to do them), in addition to completing two larger improvements for us. We found the price of these “retrofits” reasonable and workmanship excellent! As first-time homeowners, this was a great investment for us and we are very happy with the company we chose. Thanks Greg!"

    Gary Zook of Fort Collins, CO
    I would describe Greg as honest, thoughtful, conscientious, thorough, and hard working. I've worked with many contractors through the years and while most of them do a decent job, a few of them really impress with both their skills and attitude. Greg is one of the best and I would not hesitate to recommend him for improving the energy efficiency of your home.
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    Scott Rogers of Windsor, CO
    Greg, I wanted to give you a follow-up on how things are working. Since yesterday was such a hot day we really got to see how things were working. I must say we are VERY HAPPY with the results. Amy said the house stayed very cool until after 7:00PM. Then the A/C came on for only a few minutes. We used the Whole House Fan around 9:00 PM and it cooled the upstairs 2 degrees (making the whole house the same temp). We slept very comfortably last night. This is exactly the results we were hoping for. Thank you so much!


    Exhaust Pipe Before

    Exhaust Pipe After

    Example of sealing

    Infrared scan to detect any air leaks

    We can vacuum out the space and store the materials to be put back or replaced

    With the attic empty its easy to find and seal the leaks

    Filling the wall with dense pack insulation.

    Holes are now plugged and ready for siding to be reattached.

    Insulated and airsealed rim and joist with 2-part spray foam.

    Vapor barrier and insulated crawl space.

    You can see the dark areas in the fiberglass which is evidence of air leakage.

    This is the after results. No more air leakage

    Walls with 2-part spray foam applied.

    Another example of spray foam in a rim and joist.


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