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Energy Code Compliance

How do I comply with Energy Code? 

Call Us Today if you need a new construction Infiltration Report (Blower Door) or HERS rating.

Energy Codes are changing fast. More and more municipalities are adopting IECC 2012 as part of their municipal building codes. 2015 IECC requires not only higher insulation R-Value requirements but a building envelope tightness verification. If you are required to follow the IECC 2012, you will need a blower door or HERS rating performed  There are a variety of paths to code compliance, the most common are:


  • Prescriptive Method

  • Energy Rating Index



The Prescriptive method requires:

  • Declaration of chosen method

  • Details and descriptions of how the mandatory items will be met


After construction is complete, a final Blower Door Test is required to measure total air infiltration. This blower door must be conducted by a qualified third party. Call us today to schedule your New Construction Infiltration Report (Blower Door test).


Energy Rating Index

The Energy Rating Index method requires:

  • Use of energy modeling software to

    • show simulated energy performance of a proposed residence (proposed design) to have an annual energy cost that is less than or equal to the annual energy cost of the standard reference design

    • OR

    • The proposed residential building shall be shown to have an annual total normalized Modified Loads that are less than or equal to the annual total Loads of the ERI reference design.


Before construction starts, a pre construction HERS rating is given. After construction is complete, onsite inspections are conducted to generate a final HERS score. Call us to book a Home Energy Rating.


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